Managing rich and deep knowledge and information of a wide array of marine projects and research infrastructures is one of EurOcean´s core activities.

Open and accessible high-quality information about marine research projects and infrastructures is essential for ocean science and technology development. Identification of capabilities, gaps, and opportunities, decision-making on development and funding priorities, and education and training are examples of activities needing this information.
Know the info bases curated by Eurocean!

The Research Infrastructures Database (RID) is a European repository of technical, scientific, and operational information of marine RIs. The information is provided by owners and operators. It is validated and harmonized with relevant standards and made available online by EurOcean.

RID comprises over 800 infrastructures from 35 countries. It supports policy makers, think-tanks, and funding programmes.

The Marine Knowledge Gate is where you can find the most comprehensive information repository on Europe’s marine and maritime research projects and their key tangible outputs – the Knowledge Outputs.

The Marine Knowledge Gate is much more than an information pool. It is a unique, innovative, open-access tool that directs you to more than 5000 records of the latest funded H2020 marine-related projects.

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