EU4Ocean Collaboration with PLASTIC FANTASTIC Hackathon

EU4Ocean Collaboration with PLASTIC FANTASTIC Hackathon

In the relentless pursuit of combating plastic pollution, innovative solutions are key. On the 17th of April, EurOcean and ACTeon, on behalf of #EU4Ocean took a significant stride forward by organizing and facilitating a Master Class on Environmental & Social Responsibility in the Plastic Fantastic Hackathon, a dynamic platform aiming to hack the circle of plastic pollution. This international online event, organized by the REMEDIES program, brought together experts from diverse backgrounds across Europe and the Mediterranean to tackle the multifaceted challenges posed by plastic waste.

The essence of the Plastic Fantastic Hackathon lies in its collaborative spirit. Environmentalists, business experts, water activists, and impact entrepreneurs joined forces to refine existing solutions and devise novel approaches to address the detection, monitoring, collection, valorization, prevention, and reuse of plastic litter. With up to 30 pioneering plastic solutions in the mix, the stage was set for intensive brainstorming and innovation.

Central to the success of the event was the master class provided by #EU4Ocean for 15 startups and projects participating in the hackathon. Drawing upon the collective expertise of the EU4Ocean community, this master class equipped participants with invaluable insights and tools to navigate the complex landscape of environmental & social responsability, ocean conservation and plastic pollution mitigation.

The goal was not merely to devise theoretical solutions but to cultivate actionable strategies with the potential for real-world impact.

EU4Ocean’s participation in the Plastic Fantastic Hackathon exemplifies the power of collaboration and innovation to drive change together with new businesses.

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