EurOcean at the Public Sector Digital Marketing Summit 2022

EurOcean at the Public Sector Digital Marketing Summit 2022

The Public Sector Digital Marketing Summit 2022 was held on the 27th of October in the beautiful Mayson Hotel in Dublin, hosted by the Public Sector Marketing Institute. This year’s edition was dedicated to Government and Public Sector audiences, with various sessions on strategies and case studies about growing online Influence, reputation, and public trust, in an era of disinformation and dangerous fake news.

Without public trust it can be difficult to reach, engage and change general behaviour, whomever the stakeholder is. But what do leaders need to think about in the Digital Age? Experts shared their experience of showing and supporting leadership in the face of major organisational and public challenges. The past year has seen some of the most seismic changes in social media in recent years, and the speakers shared a transformation they have made to reorient and re-adapt their social media strategies.

EurOcean has been invited to speak in the session about “Communicating Science in the Disinformation Age”, talking about how to bridge the communications gap between Science, Policy and the People. During our speech, we underlined the importance of empowering society and policymakers to act for the future of our ocean through positive, informative, and effective communication. We also highlighted the importance of inclusive communication in terms of language and format for an inclusive science; a science that really belongs to everybody.

The last session focused on case studies about hybrid events, engaging remote audiences, and introducing online customer journeys, hot topics in our digital era.

During the event, Joanne Sweeney, CEO of the Public Sector Marketing Institute, launched her second edition of the book “Public Sector Marketing Pro – The Definitive Guide to Digital Marketing and Social Media for Government and Public Sector”, an excellent tool for digital communication strategies for the Government and Public Sectors, designed for a post-pandemic world.

Find the highlights of the event in this video!

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