State of the Ocean Report 2024

State of the Ocean Report 2024

This report aims to inform policymakers and drive actions for ‘the ocean we need,’ supporting the 2030 Agenda and #SDG14.

More than 100 authors from 28 countries contributed to the Report. The different sections provide insights on ocean-related scientific activities and analyses describing the current and future state of the ocean, addressing physical, chemical, ecological, socio-economic and governance aspects.

In this report, you’ll find all the latest trends and data available on key ocean issues, from marine pollution, ocean warming, acidification and de-oxygenation to the status of ocean observation, early-warning systems for tsunamis, the inclusion of Indigenous and traditional knowledge in ocean science, and more.

Key findings include:
🔹 The rate of ocean warming doubled in 20 years and the rate of sea level rise doubled in 30 years
🔹 Observations and research is falling short, leading to a lack of adequate and aggregated data. But as more states, industries and organizations realize that we need to measure in order to manage and protect marine ecosystems, we gradually get more data, get deeper into the issues, and can include new topics of research.
🔹 We need to accelerate the mobilization already under way in the #OceanDecade
🔹 We need to transform ocean science and our relationship to it.
🔹 We need better knowledge as a basis for sustainable ocean planning and management, within and beyond areas of national jurisdiction.
🔹 We need a much stronger, much faster and more dynamic interplay between ocean knowledge, policy and action.

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