“Where Ocean Literacy meets EU Business” 1st Webinar | CESR Practices

“Where Ocean Literacy meets EU Business” 1st Webinar | CESR Practices

Date: 17 July
Time: 2 pm CEST
Location: Online
Registration: https://bit.ly/3zyagdn

One-hour webinar, organized by EurOcean in support to #EU4Ocean Platform, dedicated to the role of Ocean Literacy in Corporate Environmental and Social Responsibility practices.

The webinar features the presence of two experts, Luca Barani from Sea the Change and Bram Pauwels from the European Business Network.

This event will explore the intersection of ocean literacy and corporate environmental and social responsibility (CESR) practices within the EU business sector.

An excellent opportunity for businesses, start-ups, environmental professionals, and anyone passionate about ocean sustainability to unite and drive positive change.

Featured Speakers:
Luca Barani | Environmental Economist and Ocean Advocate. Luca Barani is co-founder of Sea the Change S.r.l. and passionate about impact communication.

Bram Pauwels | Advisor of the EBN – European Business & Innovation Centre Network senior management on strategic direction and stakeholder positioning in the innovation sector, leveraging over 13 years of international experience in strategy, marketing, and management. He has a strong background in startup support, innovation ecosystems, and impact entrepreneurship policy development.

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