High Arctic Ocean Observation System HiAOOS aims to advance the uptake of new ocean observing capabilities and capacity in the high Arctic to strengthen European and national infrastructures in their effort to support new and ambitious research within climate, environment, and geohazards. HiAOOS will develop, implement, and validate several ocean observing technologies to improve data […]


New Approach to Underwater Technologies for Innovative, Low-Cost Ocean Observation NAUTILOS, a Horizon 2020 Innovation Action project funded under EU’s the Future of Seas and Oceans Flagship Initiative, aims to fill in marine observation and modelling gaps for biogeochemical, biological and deep ocean physics essential ocean variables and micro-/nano-plastics, by developing a new generation of […]


The European Ocean Coalition The European Ocean Coalition (EU4Ocean) connects diverse organisations, projects and people that contribute to ocean literacy and the sustainable management of the ocean. Supported by the European Commission, this bottom-up inclusive initiative aims at uniting the voices of Europeans to make the ocean a concern of everyone! The coalition is made […]

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