EurOcean develops its activities
on an international level

EurOcean Foundation develops its activities on an international level, focusing on ocean science and technology advances in Europe. Its operational structure is centralised while its management structure is decentralised.

Its governance structure is comprised of a set of 12 member representatives, who together form the Steering Committee of EurOcean.

The Steering Committee decides and accompanies the strategic direction of EurOcean and its annual workplan, and take part in various internal working groups, when needed. The President and Vice President(s) of the Steering Committee, together with the Executive Director, form the Executive Committee, which is the management body of EurOcean.

The administrative and operational centre of EurOcean is based in Lisbon, where the Executive Director and the team carry out and coordinate the activities of the foundation.


Constitute EurOcean’s main decision-making body and establish, among other things, (i) strategic and policy guidelines and (ii) operational guidelines, including approval of the Yearly Work Programme and Budget. The EurOcean Executive-Director is an ex-officio member of the Steering Committee.


Formed by the President and Vice-President(s) of the Steering Committee and, as an ex-officio member, EurOcean’s Executive-Director. ExCom members are elected by the EurOcean Members (Steering Committee) for a two-year term, renewable once if re-elected. The ExCom meets twice annually to follow up on implementation of the Work Programme approved by the Steering Committee in the annual plenary meeting.


Composed of five members and includes the Executive-Director as an ex-officio member.

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