New Approach to Underwater Technologies for Innovative, Low-Cost Ocean Observation

NAUTILOS, a Horizon 2020 Innovation Action project funded under EU’s the Future of Seas and Oceans Flagship Initiative, aims to fill in marine observation and modelling gaps for biogeochemical, biological and deep ocean physics essential ocean variables and micro-/nano-plastics, by developing a new generation of cost-effective sensors and samplers, their integration within observing platforms and deployment in large-scale demonstration in European seas.

In NAUTILOS Project, EurOcean is the work package leader of Outreach, Communication and Dissemination, working namely in the implementation of the communication strategy, being responsible for several communication activities such as the development of the visual identity, website, social media, videos, infographics and press releases.

EurOcean also participates in other work packages – Project Management, Synergies with ESPCE and Ethics Requirements.

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