#EUBeachCleanup Campaign

“Ocean Acidification Research for Sustainability” Report

“Where Ocean Literacy meets EU Business” 1st Webinar | CESR Practices

New marine discoveries underscore the importance of ocean floor mapping as Seabed 2030 announces

Ocean Vacancies

State of the Ocean Report 2024

Awaken New Depths | UN World Ocean Day 2024

Some species may better tolerate climate change than expected

NAUTILOS unveils its final policy brief at the Ocean Decade Conference

Introducing NAUTILOS Summer School e-modules

NAUTILOS Summer School concludes succesfully in Crete

Citizen of the Ocean | Youth-led Forum

EU4Ocean Collaboration with PLASTIC FANTASTIC Hackathon

HiAOOS Celebrates Successful First Year: Advancing High Arctic Ocean Observations

NAUTILOS Satellite Event at Ocean Decade Conference

Coastal Dynamics 2025 | Call for Abstracts

THALASSA 2024 | Marine Sciences Conference

I Live by the Sea 2024 Contest

Exploring the role of microplastics as potential global age markers

Nautilos project spotlighted by CORDIS “Results in a Brief”

OCEAN Grants Programme


A-AAGORA call for “Associated Regions”

MPA Awards

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