HiAOOS Celebrates Successful First Year: Advancing High Arctic Ocean Observations

Ocean Vacancies

I Live by the Sea 2024 Contest

Exploring the role of microplastics as potential global age markers

Nautilos project spotlighted by CORDIS “Results in a Brief”


MPA Awards

EurOcean joins the National Committee’s Stakeholder Forum for the UN Ocean Decade

EurOcean’s Declaration on Climate Change and Ocean Science & Technology

ECFAS Products Now Available for Use

Groundbreaking innovations under HiAOOS project

Nautilos’ 1st Summer School

Navigating Success: Celebrating Eurofleets+ Milestones

EUROFLEETS+ Summary for Policy Makers

Vigo Declaration presented and signed at EurOCEAN Conference

Nautilos unveils 2 Policy Briefs at World Ocean Race

Successful round table

United Nations – Nippon Foundation Fellowship

Global Initiative Aims To Discover 100,000 Marine Species

Pre-registration and call for Satellite events open for UN Ocean Decade Conference!

World Oceans Day | Mário Ruivo Memorial Lecture Announces ECOP Winner

How Global Warming Shapes Earth’s Water Cycle

Sea Butterflies Threatened by Climate Change

Kelp Forests’ Ecosystem Services Value

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