Policy Brief | Diving Through the Darkness

ECFAS End User’s Workshop Report

Ocean Vacancies

Call for Transnational Access to European Aquatic Mesocosm Facilities 2023

EurOcean at the Public Sector Digital Marketing Summit 2022

Have your say: On the energy transition of the EU fisheries and aquaculture sector

Euro-Argo ERIC engaged within the Eurofleets+ Floating University 

Ocean Infohub Project

A voyage into Schooner TARA’s incredible world

Marine Creatures, is the new Nautilos project Citizen Science platform

The All-Atlantic Ocean Research & Innovation Alliance Declaration has been signed

EurOcean welcomes new Member

Wrap-up of EU4Ocean Summit

“If Oceans Could Speak” podcast 2nd season

Nautilos project | Developments of sensors and instrument prototypes

First-person perspective on Eurofleets+ campaign

Shark ‘hotspots’ and fishing activities

Respect at Sea

EurOcean’s partnership with Marine & Oceans Magazine

EurOcean as a Decade Implementing Partner

Connectivity in Marine Spatial Planning


Frontiers in Ocean Observing

FCT 2022 Call for PhD research scholarships is open!

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