#EUBeachCleanup Campaign

“Ocean Acidification Research for Sustainability” Report

“Where Ocean Literacy meets EU Business” 1st Webinar | CESR Practices

New marine discoveries underscore the importance of ocean floor mapping as Seabed 2030 announces

Ocean Vacancies

State of the Ocean Report 2024

Some species may better tolerate climate change than expected

NAUTILOS unveils its final policy brief at the Ocean Decade Conference

Introducing NAUTILOS Summer School e-modules

NAUTILOS Summer School concludes succesfully in Crete

EU4Ocean Collaboration with PLASTIC FANTASTIC Hackathon

HiAOOS Celebrates Successful First Year: Advancing High Arctic Ocean Observations

I Live by the Sea 2024 Contest

Exploring the role of microplastics as potential global age markers

Nautilos project spotlighted by CORDIS “Results in a Brief”


MPA Awards

EurOcean joins the National Committee’s Stakeholder Forum for the UN Ocean Decade

EurOcean’s Declaration on Climate Change and Ocean Science & Technology

ECFAS Products Now Available for Use

Groundbreaking innovations under HiAOOS project

Nautilos’ 1st Summer School

Navigating Success: Celebrating Eurofleets+ Milestones

EUROFLEETS+ Summary for Policy Makers

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